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Things you wished you knew about dealing with anxiety

Things you wished you knew about dealing with anxiety

Do you ever worry about how much you worry? Do you feel your heart beating faster in response to certain stressful situation or your palm sweat when you come up with some tasks or events? It’s anxiety, which involves feelings of worry, fear, and apprehension. One may feel scared or out-of-control on an emotional level due to anxiety. But do not worry there are ways that can help you deal with anxiety, some of which are listed below:

Get yourself back to reality

Nothing can be as bad as worrying about how much you worry. Buddha said “We are all struck by two darts: The first is a painful event and the second is how we respond to that pain.” He explains. “Instead of being mad at yourself or asking ‘Why me?’ recognize that you control how you respond to your emotions.” Whenever anxiety triggers, take a time out and ask why is it making you so nervous, think consciously and bring your awareness back to reality.

Simply stop and breathe

Whenever you feel anxious, simply stop and breathe. This can help you restore a sense of personal balance and bring you back to the present moment.