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Make yourself ready to face the cold this winter

Make yourself ready to face the cold this winter

Winter means staying safe and warm from the cold and there’s, even more, to do about it. Every year winter arrives, but every year we feel like the bouts of sickness and the winter blahs are somehow new and unexpected. This year we want to help you prepare yourself for the winter and keep the winter blues and sniffles at bay.

 Here are some ways to help you prepare yourself to face the cold weather this winter:

 Don’t forget to take some sunbath

There are fewer opportunities to be outside for a dose of vitamin D during winters since they come up with days lasting about half as long as they do in the summer. This can weaken the immune system and make it much easier to come down with a cold or flu. In the middle of the day, take some time to have a walk around that helps in soaking up some sun. Or plan some outdoor activities. 

Keep your skin healthy

The sun may not feel too hot, but it still has UV rays hence you need sunscreen in the winter days too. The UV rays may burn your skin. Pick a moisturizer with sunscreen (at least SPF 15) and apply regularly. Try a humidifier, switch to a thicker lotion and avoid long, hot baths if you have dry skin.

Stay hydrated

We easily forget about drinking plenty of water when it starts getting cold. But staying hydrated is still super important during the winter days. Staying hydrated keeps your energy levels up, boosts your immune system, aids digestion and helps in keeping skin moisturized. Toss a reusable water bottle in your bag.  Try sipping on it frequently throughout the day. You can also try having juicy fruits like apples and oranges. 

Do not forget to work out

It’s important to keep track of your fitness routine not just because it helps in burning the calories and keeps your weight in check, but also because it helps to fight off the feelings of depression. However, warming up before a workout is more essential during winter, that's because cold muscles are more likely to be strained or injured. Warm them up indoors with some dynamic movements. And then you can head outdoors for some fresh air and exercise, your muscles will be pliable and ready for anything by then.

Spice up your dinner

Adding certain spices to your food during cold days can warm you up from the inside out. When the temperature starts to drop and it starts getting colder add spices like ginger, cayenne or cinnamon to your food to make it spicy hot. These spices help in increasing the circulation and warm you up. This is a great added benefit for foods that are already known for their antioxidant power. Plus, some spices can also help with winter viruses. For example, ginger is well known for its benefits like soothing stomach and easing breathing when flu season hits.

 Hope you have warm days ahead, Happy Winter!!


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