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What if I have questions regarding customer care and drug prices?

You can always reach to us via. Our “contact us” information, we will try to answer your queries on time.

Don’t know what a valid prescription is??

A valid prescription is the one having:

 Doctor’s name and degree,

 Doctor’s stamp or signature,

 Doctor’s registration number,

 Date of visit or date of prescription,

 Patient’s name and age,

 Name of medicine, dosages detail, duration the medicine is prescribed for.


Government regulations require a valid prescription.

Got no prescription, want to add medicines to your cart???

No worries!!!

Select free doctor/chemist consultation from our online consultation then place your order to us.

What if I have questions regarding customer care and drug prices?

You can always reach to us via. Our “contact us” information, we will try to answer your queries on time.

Why do medicines I receive have different color than the ones I saw on the portal?

Those may be the generic medicines, please find information about generic drugs in the questions that follow.

What are generic drugs?

Generic drugs are “bio-equivalent” of a brand name drug with same chemical name and formulation in dosage form, safety, strength, quality, how it is taken, performance and intended use. Trademark laws require the drugs to look different, so the generic version may be a different color, a different shape, have a different taste, or contain inactive ingredients that are different. However, generic drugs tend to be less costly than brand name drugs. 

Are generic drugs safe and effective as brand name drugs?

Yes. Both brand name drug and generic drug meet the same standards of goods manufacturing products (GMP). In fact, about 50% of generic drug production actually comes from brand-name companies. These companies frequently produce identical or copies of their own brand name products and sell them as generic products. And about 95% people experience positive and same effect as brand name drug from generic drugs.

What do you mean by OTC drugs?

OTC stands for over-the –counter drugs these medicines are directly sold to consumers without any prescription from health care professionals.

What are prescription drugs?

Prescription drugs are those medicines which can be sold to consumers possessing a valid prescription only.

Will I get a prescription drug without prescription?

No, you won’t get a prescription drug without prescription; in case you want to get it you will be directed to online doctor consultation in our site where you will get the consultation from our doctors and a valid prescription to use that medicine.

What is Nepmeds privacy policy?

Please, do review our ''privacy policy'' section for detailed information.

How long is my prescription valid for?

Your prescription is generally valid for a year. In some cases it may be valid for 2-3 years also.

Can I return my medications if I no-longer need them?

We are sorry to say no; once a prescription or non-prescription medicine has been delivered to you it cannot be returned. So, we suggest you to consult to your physician regarding your medications and dosages before you place your order to us.

How do I know if a medicine is available on your portal?

Search for medicine you require, if you see a label “in stock” in product description means we have that medicine with us and can supply it to you. Else if you see “out of stock” means we do not have that medicine with us at that particular point of time.

How do I know medicines I get from Nepmeds are authentic?

We value your rights to get right medications. We ensure accountability towards the genuineness and authenticity of medicines we sell you.

What if I get a damaged product?

We would like to apologize for that, please do contact us within 24 hours from delivery so that we can resolve your issues.

What if some products I ordered are missing?

We would like to apologize for that, please do contact us within 24 hours from delivery so that we can resolve your issues.

Do you sell contact drugs?

Yes, we do sell contact drugs authorized by law of Nepal and Ministry of Health. 

Is there a limit to number of prescriptions I can upload at a time?

No, you can upload as many prescriptions as you want.

Can I order medicine of different dosages than prescribed?

No, we only provide dosages as per your prescription. Self-prescribed medicines are not offered.

Return & Refund

What is the medicine/ goods return and refund policy?


We ensure our best that the products you order and the products you get delivered has every specifications matched. However, if some errors occur, you can request for return within a week of delivery and no later than that.


We work our best to satisfy you with our products; however, sometimes some faults may occur, the refund is applicable in such cases. Some of those cases are listed below:

  • In case if the product has some defect or damage.
  • In case if the product is beyond its expiry date.
  • In case if the product gets damaged during/in the process of delivery.


Can I know more about the reward point scheme?

NepMeds reward point is an additional feature given to all valued NepMeds users where by you can earn points on every purchase of goods/services through your NepMeds account.

Bulk Purchasing

Why do I choose bulk purchasing through Nepmeds?

Bulk purchasing at Nepmeds offers you:

•Wholesale price for every kind of products; the prices offered are comparatively reasonable.

•One-stop solution to a variety of products; you need not visit store to store or every manufacturer to get the variety of products you want.

•Prompt delivery service; Nepmeds owns a strong supply chain. We, therefore assure that the products will be delivered on time.

•Precision in-order delivery; we assure you to deliver the exact product you wish to purchase.

•Selection option; Nepmeds offers a lot of selection options through the display of every range and variety of products.

•Quality assured products; products at Nepmeds fulfill the quality requirements.

•Target bonus and other benefits; Nepmeds also offers bonus and other different benefits like schemes and special offers on different products at different times.

•Credit facility; in certain cases, Nepmeds also offers credit facilities in collaboration with commercial banks to help businesses work with us.

What do you mean by bulk purchase?

Bulk purchase is a ‘wholesale store’ service offered by Nepmeds to retailers. This service provides an integrated solution to retailers for a wide range of medical supplies including medicines, supplements, surgical appliances, devices, and consumables.

Online Vaccination

Will I get my immunization card after taking vaccination service from Nepmeds?

Yes, we will provide you your immunization card after vaccination from Nepmeds.

How will the format of my immunization card be?

The format of immunization card we provide will be as indicated in Khop Niyamavali-2074 by Ministry of Health, Government of Nepal.

Why to choose Nepmeds for vaccination?

Vaccination is a simple procedure which can be easily administrated at the place of your comfort under the care of trained professionals.

• Choosing us for vaccination means, you need not travel a long distance or wait in a queue to get vaccinated instead we’ll travel to you at your comfort zone.

• Vaccines are a matter of stress to your children, if vaccination service is provided at your space children will feel lot better and even you can handle them better.

• You need not travel a long distance by aborting your important jobs, we will be there at your place of choice during your convenient hour.

Do you offer free vaccination provided by government?

Yes, we do provide free vaccination offered by Government of Nepal. You have to visit our lab to get these vaccinations. 

How can I be assured of the vaccination products you provide at Nepmeds?

Vaccination services at Nepmeds include immunization and vaccination products legally permitted by Law of Nepal. As Vaccines have sensitive compositions we assure vaccines available at Nepmeds meet all the norms and standards under Khop Niyemavali-2074 and Khop ain-2072 by Ministry of Health, Government of Nepal.

Online Lab

Do I have to visit lab to deliver my sample?

If in case you choose only booking lab from us, you need to visit lab to deliver your samples. In case if you choose total lab solution from us, you need not visit lab to deliver your sample, we will be there to collect your sample at your doorstep.

Where will I get my report?

You can view your report from your account at Nepmeds. Once the reports are available from lab, we will collect them and upload to your account. Or you can even get your reports via. E-mail, once we receive your reports we will mail them securely to your mailing address.

Will my report be secure and private?

We value your rights to privacy and security therefore, we ensure that your reports will remain private and will be securely stored online. In fact, you will be the only one to receive your test results.

How good are Nepmeds’ partner labs/how can you assure quality to lab services you provide?

We value those who trust us; hence we assure quality towards every service we provide. All the labs partnered with us are certified labs meeting all the norms and standards. 

How reliable are my results?

We are partnered with leading and certified laboratories of Nepal, hence; results are reliable.

Can I change the diagnostic test after placing order?

Until your order is conformed (via our conformation call) you can change your test. Once your order is conformed it cannot be changed.

How much does the test cost?

The costs vary depending on type of test you requested during your order.

Online Doctor Consultation

What if I missed the doctor’s call?

Do not worry; we will reach back to you.

When will I get answers to my questions? What if I did not get a reply?

In case of free doctor consultation you’ll receive a reply within 24 hours. If you choose a paid consultation you will get a reply within 2-4 hours or according to the availability of your doctor. You will have an option to check availability of the doctor you choose .If in case we failed to help you with the consultation you will get your money back.

Which type of consultation (communication medium) will I be able to use under free consultation?

Under free consultation, only consultation via text is available.

Can I choose my time for consultation?

Yes, of course you can choose a time convenient to you, within 6am to 10 pm and in accordance to the availability of the doctor you have chosen.

How will the doctor resolve my issue?

Our doctors will give you expert advice on your problem and help you identify next steps which may include further tests, medicine recommendation or lifestyle tips. Few cases require face-to-face examination and we may ask you to share pictures or reports if you can, for a conclusive diagnosis.

Is my consultation with doctor private?

Privacy is fundamental human right, we ensure to protect your right and store your consultation securely.Do visit our "privacy policy" section for more details.

Can doctors have access to my health records?

Yes, but only if you want them to have the access. In case if doctor needs access to your health records, doctors will send you a request for access, and if you accept the request; access will be permitted to the doctor. 

Is the patient health data secure?

Your data security is our responsibility. We store your every data securely. Do visit our privacy policy section for more details. 

How long will follow up be valid?Do I need to pay again for follow up?

If you choose a paid consultation your follow up with the doctor is valid for a week without having to pay again within that week. For free consultation, follow up with the doctor is valid only for a day.

How much will I have to pay for consultation?

Consultation charges vary according to the type of service(communication medium) you choose i.e.

  • For consultation via text – Rs.200
  • For consultation via audio – Rs.350
  • For consultation via video conferencing – Rs.500

What in case of dissatisfaction with the consultation? Will I get my money back?

In such case you can always send us your feedback. Please, visit our ‘'contact us'’ section to reach to us. We will review your issues with doctor and try to seek more clarifications to your queries. Refund is applicable only to 100% genuine cases.

Help Center

Do I need to Sign Up to shop on Nepmeds?

Yes, you have to Sign Up to Nepmeds to help us place your orders to you.

Do you offer services all over Nepal?

No, we are now offering services to these major cities only: 

Kathmandu: 2 meters within ring road, and 'in and around' 6 meters from chabahil chowk. 

Chitwan: Rampur,Sharadpur,Gondrang,Baseni area ,Ramnagar, Jay shree pul,Shivaghat.

Butwal (recently not in operation)

Pokhara (recently not in operation)


All products displayed on Nepmeds are 100% genuine and reliable.


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