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At Nepmeds, we strongly believe a positive working culture is an important asset towards success. We value everyone connected to us directly or indirectly.

Working with us, One will have an great exposure in a health industry.









Why Join NepMeds

Here at NepMeds, we understand the overall success of an organization depends on the people inside the organization. So everyone in this organization are cared with special care and attention. When you joins Nepmeds, you come with a dream to achieve big. We assure to create such environment that helps you perform the best of your capabilities.

Use of modern tools and technique, skills training, participation of various programs, continuous coaching, mentoring, guidance are provided in every possible aspect to enable your potential output. We have regular periodic reviews to make you realize the capabilities you have to make it to work and track your path of progress.

We have many positions in field of Pharmacist, Doctors, Nurse, Health Person, Delivery person, Manager, Content Writer, Developer, Designer etc. Beside these, we welcome application form such individuals with outstanding abilities to add value in an organization.

We welcome you to our family. Happy Working.

Life at NepMeds

How to Join NepMeds


We have a provision of paid internship for students pursuing a bachelor's degree. If you are interested in the internship program, apply to us.


We organize three to six months paid trainee program for graduates. Will work on team that matches the interest of both area. Click below to apply.

Direct Hire

You can directly apply for our vacancies. If no opeaning interest of your, submit your application for our consideration in furture.


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